Homicidal Holidays: 10 Christmas-themed Mysteries

Crime doesn’t stop for Christmas!

Francis Duncan, Murder for Christmas

Spooky season is over, and cozy season is upon us. And it just doesn’t get any cozier than curling up under a blanket with a cup of tea while the fire crackles and the tree twinkles. Unless, that is, you’re also reading a Christmas-themed mystery.

It may be the season of good cheer, fellowship, and tidings of great joy, but the proliferation of Christmas-themed mysteries proves that the holidays cause many of us to turn our thoughts to homicide.

Perhaps it was Agatha Christie who caused us to correlate Christmas with mystery. She published a new book at Christmastime for so many years that the public grew to expect “A Christie for Christmas.”

While not every “Christie for Christmas” was set during the holidays, today there is no shortage of mystery novels with Christmas settings. If you’ve always dreamed of spending Christmas in a remote country house, check out a few of my favorites.

What are you reading this Christmas?
Do you enjoy a good holiday whodunnit,
or do you prefer yours without homicide?

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