Sorry I’m a little late with this month’s wallpapers! Between school, sickness, dance, & some unexpected home repairs, I’ve been kept pretty busy. But I finally had a chance to sit down and get this month’s wallpaper together.

I love dandelions. I know, I know—they’re weeds and they take over your yard, and they’re impossible to kill. But still . . . when I see a dandelion, I remember the delight in my children’s eyes as they blew the fluff right off and watched the seeds float away, lighter than air.

And if you get down and look at them closely, really closely, they’re actually pretty cool. I love the way they fold up like tiny umbrellas when it rains.

Dandelions offer a good lesson in perspective. Look at them and think about how they’re taking over your yard, and you just can’t get rid of them, and every time you look there are more of them, then you’ll see a yard full of weeds.

But if you give it a try and look at them with new eyes, you might see something different.. A whole yard full of wishes just waiting for you.

Here are some dandelion wishes for all of your screens. Enjoy!

Our dandelions around here are about the size of a golf ball, so when I was visiting
my brother a few years back in California and saw these tennis-ball-sized dandelions,
I had to make him pull over so I could take a few—or maybe a lot—of pictures.

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